It was surreal for me watching a dynamic African American presenting with dynamism and brilliance minus the "apologist BS" as just 10 years ago this would be an extremely rare occurence...Deaf Education is traditionally centered on the ideology of Whiteness. In fact, it was born from the tears of Indigenous Americans and the blood and sweat of African labor on land purchased after Dawes set in motion the Trail of Tears. With such roots, dismantling this ideological center will be extremely difficult and when we eventually are able to watch a hundred Sonniers and other BIPOC intellectuals give such presentations, then, and only then will we see this ideology reframed and recreated to better reflect human diversity and the myriad experiences and learning styles each student bring in their quest to understand this thing we call "life."

Lindsay Dunn, participant in Digital Promise/EdWEb webinar

I have watched dozens of EdWeb webinars, and this is the one of the best I've seen. I really appreciate the emphasis on critical race theory and intersectionality, as well as the fact that a deaf woman of color was one of the featured presenters.

Shawn Williams*, participant in Digital Promise/EdWEb webinar

Great and much needed information, useful in helping non-BIPOC educators create quality content and foster equality and learning for all students.

Michelle Anderson*, participant in Digital Promise/EdWEb webinar

The information provided was clear and easy to understand. I liked having each presenter show their slide then go into full-screen mode so we could watch them sign more clearly. The info is relevant and much needed in education. We need more workshops like these. The chat was blowing up but I couldn't engage much as I was too engaged with the presenters.

Jaden Brown*, participant in Digital Promise/Edweb webinar

I am reflecting on my teaching, considering what is working currently, how can I improve to be more critically conscious and how to share resources and teach others what I’ve learned. Great videos. Wonderful set up. Clear and accessible. Great discussions. Thank you for opening my mind and helping me grow so I can be a better person and educator.

Sandy Williams*, participant in Literacy Institute at The Learning Center for the Deaf

This is such an important topic teachers need to be aware of when they are developing and creating lessons for their students. It’s an important topic for not only teachers but for people in society - I think if we all could be more open and aware of everyone’s different but valid experiences, it would make a difference.

Casey Johnson*, participant in Literacy Institute at The Learning Center for the Deaf

I learned the appropriate terms for the feelings and thoughts I have had since I entered the classroom as a teacher. I like the activities. Some were good reviews and others were new experiences for me. It’s a nice reminder that I am not the only one who feels and faces the same challenges. You did a great job. I liked your honesty.

Skyler Adelson*, participant in Literacy Institute at The Learning Center for the Deaf

As a hearing teacher for Deaf children, I am always concerned about fitting the negative stereotype of having a deficit perspective. You have encouraged me to use critical consciousness and learn from my mistakes.

Kris Michaels*, participant in Literacy Institute at The Learning Center for the Deaf

The explanation/discussion of critical consciousness was wonderful - really inspired new levels of thinking/questioning and intentionality in what I do. Loved the positive energy and warm/invitational approach you created throughout the day for participant engagement.

Frankie Bolder*, participant in Literacy Institute at The Learning Center for the Deaf

What I found most useful from the workshop was the concept of critical consciousness and diversity within the field of deaf ed and how to apply it in the classroom. It was amazing and you need to continue this type of workshops in many more venues.

Quinn Davis*, participant in Literacy Institute at The Learning Center for the Deaf


Photo taken during the "Critical Consciousness in Special Education and the Arts" workshop at The Kennedy Center's VSA Intersections conference in New Orleans, LA.

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