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Video Description: Andrea, a light-skinned Black Deaf cisgender woman with curly black hair and wearing a black top, sits in an office facing the camera, smiling and looking straight at the viewer. She is signing in American Sign Language. (English transcript is below.)


Are you a teacher?

How is the new year going so far? Did you set an intention to master a lifelong skill of promoting equity in your classroom, school, or community?

But are you struggling to stay on top of your game because you're not sure where to even begin learning all the possible ways to evolve in your teaching practice so that you are making the kind of difference that truly opens the door wider for your students to experience success and freedom in your classroom and beyond?

You know, many teachers across the world have this struggle. While we're optimistic about helping our students fulfill their academic and social potential, we are stressed and anxious for so many reasons including:

-having a never-ending "To Do" list of job demands.

-noticing when we have students in need of fresh opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of a lesson we aim to teach and, while we're passionate about doing the research necessary to meet our students where they are, we always run out of time going through the overwhelming (also often confusing) amount of information available in books and online.
-AND, get this - if we get lucky and find something in time, we often discover that we still need to tweak the resource so that it is applicable to our students' experiences...but then we realize that we just don't know how to make the necessary changes.
Do you experience this, too? 

Well, guess what? I've created something for you that will soon be released!

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