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Anti-Blackness at Gallaudet University

"If you saw that professor right now, what would you tell her?"

[image description: Screenshot of a zoom webinar. The screen is split in 4 squares. In the top left square is Dr. Ndura, the Chief Diversity Officer of Gallaudet. At the top right is Folami Ford, a Gallaudet sign language interpreter. At the bottom left is Andrea Sonnier, a PhD candidate at Gallaudet. In the bottom right square is Fatuma Ali, a recent graduate of Gallaudet. All identify as Black or African American womxn.]

Yesterday, on June 30, a few of my peers and I participated in week 4 of Gallaudet's Systemic Stand Against Racism weekly webinars. We were asked to share our thoughts in response to the 4 questions below:

1. Each of us has multiple identities which shape our daily lived experiences. What are the primary identities that shape your lived experiences at Gallaudet University and in the broader community?

2. Black students and other students of color have repeatedly told the University leadership that they do not feel safe or heard, and that action to address your concerns has been slow. How can campus leadership partner with students to create the needed change?

3. If you were Gallaudet University President, what would you do to create a campus community that is safe and welcoming for BIPOC?

4. Finally, do you have some words of wisdom for how we can continue this journey towards transformation and healing at Gallaudet?

Whether or not you're associated with Gallaudet University, this webinar contains community wisdom that everyone who listens can learn from and use to inform their anti-racist practices.

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